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About Us

"EU-Trans" Company was registered in 1998.

For 25 years the company has been providing services for organizing railway transportation, provision of own rolling stock for use, organizing sea and ferry shipments, forwarding container trains.

EU-Trans LLC maintains close partnerships with Ukrzaliznytsia, is an active user of UZ infrastructure and repair depots. It has contractual relations with UZ branches, such as CTL, OSC RT, MICC, SRDTI, CTS Liski.

Among the long-term clients and partners of EU-Trans are Ukrainian shipping companies, railway operators, wagon owners, companies from the CIS and Baltic countries, carriage factories, scientific and certification centers.

  • Results of UZ meeting with Slovak carriers
  • Results of UZ meeting regarding the transportation of grain cargoes
  • Results of UZ meeting of the Export Office
  • Results of UZ meeting with the carriers of Romania and Moldova
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LLC "EU-Trans" together with partners offers services comprehensive transport and forwarding services for the transportation of goods as part of container trains.


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Rolling stock modernization. Special platforms of own design for transportation of timber cargo.

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About us

"EU-Trans" Company was registered in 1998.

For 25 years the company has been providing services for organizing railway transportation, on the provision of our own rolling stock for use, on the organization of maritime and ferry shipments, container train forwarding.

EU-Trans LLC maintains close partnerships with Ukrzaliznytsia, is an active user of UZ infrastructure and repair depots. Has contractual relations with UZ branches, such as “CTL”, “OSC RT”, “MICC”, “SRDTI”, “CTS “Liski”.

Among the long-term clients and partners of EU-Trans are Ukrainian shipping companies, railway operators, wagon owners, companies from the CIS and Baltic countries, carriage factories, scientific and certification centers.

The main slogan of the company is: providing services to customers at the highest organizational level, through expanding the fleet of its own rolling stock, application of innovative methods in organizing transportation, modernization and certification of rolling stock, containerization, use of special types of carriages for the most complete pleasure customer needs.
We offer for your review:

1) Business Model of "EU-Trans" LLC
based on the company's performance indicators for 2023.
2) Investment project
for the purchase of European wagons with a 1435 mm gauge.

Publication in the magazine "MINTRANS" №9-10, October-November 2021

Evgeny Balashov, General Director «EU-Trans»
Topic of presentation:
Creation of competitive working conditions in the market of container transportation by rail.

Evgeny Balashov, General Director of «EU-Trans», about the experience of transportation:

●   More destination stations for UZ for import

●   Terminals as a tool for generating exports

●   Internal checkpoints between terminals - cargo imported by rail should be transported by rail, and not by road.

●   Counteraction to customs authorities. SMGS - a single customs document!

August 21, 2022

YouTube-bloger about EU-Trans timber carriers:
“The platform turns... into an elegant timber carrier!


Own rolling stock

The fleet of "EU-Trans" own cars is 384 units.
Of them:

Gondola cars - 148

Gondola car — railway freight open without a roof car with high sides, designed for the transport of bulk cargo (ore, coal, fluxes, timber, etc.), containers, other goods that do not require protection from precipitation..

Gondola car’s body generally has no roof (there are models with a removable roof), which provides ease of loading and unloading cargo. Gondola car may have unloading hatches in the floor and drop-down end walls or a solid body.

Gondola cars are:

✦ Hatches — with unloading hatches in the floor and front doors opening inside the car (or without doors).
✦ Solid-bottom — with a body without a hatch and doors (solid body), which are used to transport bulk cargo on closed routes with unloading on the car-tippers. Also popular is the use of this type of gondola cars in container transportation by rail.

Wagon models:
  • JSC NPK "Uralvagonzavod" — 12-141 - 23 шт.
  • JSC NPK "Uralvagonzavod" — 12-119 - 40 шт.
  • Romania (Caracal, Arad, Severin) — 12-127 - 8 шт.
  • JSC NPK "Uralvagonzavod" — 12-532 - 9 шт.
  • PJSC "Kryukov Carriage Building Plant" — 12-753 - 47 шт.
  • PJSC "Kryukov Carriage Building Plant" — 12-757 - 5 шт.
  • OJSC "Mariupol Heavy Machine Building Plant" — 12-1592 - 16 шт.

  • Fitting flat cars - 151 Designed for transportation of large-capacity containers, equipped with specialized units for their fastening ("fitting stops")..

    Wagon models:
  • JSC "Metal structures plant", OJSC "Dneprovagonmash" — 23-469-07 – 47 шт.
  • OJSC "Dneprovagonmash" — 13-401М - 6 шт.
  • OJSC "Dneprovagonmash" — 13-4012М – 19 шт.
  • PJSC "Abakanvagonmash" — 13-470 - 6 шт.
  • PJSC "Abakanvagonmash" — 13-9004 - 10 шт.
  • OJSC "Dneprovagonmash" — 13-401-17 - 14 шт.
  • OJSC "Dneprovagonmash" — 23-469M3 – 8 шт.
  • OJSC "Dneprovagonmash" — 13-401М2 – 29 шт.
  • OJSC "Dneprovagonmash" — 13-4012-51 – 12 шт.

  • Grain hoppers - 13

    Hopper is a self-unloading freight wagon for transportation of bulk dry cargoes. The body has the shape of a funnel, at the bottom there are hatches through which the cargo is poured during unloading under the influence of gravity, which contributes to rapid unloading.

    Hoppers-mineral carriers are designed for bulk transportation of granular and powdered fertilizers, raw materials for their production and other bulk cargoes that require protection from atmospheric precipitation.

    Wagon models:
  • Romania (Caracal, Arad, Severin) — 19-752 - 13 шт.

  • Timber flat cars - 6

    The specialized timber flat car is designed to transport timber and forest cargo from loading sites to timber processing plants or warehouses throughout the main railway network.

    Wagon models:
  • OJSC "Dneprovagonmash" — 13-4012-06 – 6 шт.

  • Wood chip wagons - 66

    Wood chip wagons intended for the carriage of industrial chips and short-length sticks of wood.

    Wagon models:
  • «Transtec» OU — 23-4000-02 - 66 шт.

  • Container trains


    LLC "EU-Trans" together with partners offers services comprehensive transport and forwarding services for the transportation of goods as part of container trains.


    (When you select one of the five proposed routes, it will be shown on the map.
    The inscription “ROUTE IN ACTION” or “- IN THE PROJECT -” will appear at the top.
    Clicking on the text highlighted in blue will reveal certain specific information.)

    ROUTE IN ACTION - IN THE PROJECT - Klevan Zamosc Chop / Cierna Mostys'ka Izov / Hrubieszów Ternopil Dobra Medyka Gdansk Slawkow Bremerhaven Koper / Monfalcone / Rijeka

    Location of transshipment complexes:

    DN-1, DN-3 DN-1 (Mostiska-2 - Sknilov) DN-4, DN-5

    Technical characteristics of sea dry cargo containers

    More detailed information about the service -
    on our partner’s website Western Container Terminal LLC:


    The cost of services can be viewed on the company website  MAERSK



    shows a modernized Fitting flat car with a platform.
    An exclusive loading scheme at the elevator without tipping the grain to the transshipment terminals.


    About issuing a financial guarantee:
    "GARANT-SERVICE" - Complex of customs and logistics solutions

    Transportation of grain

    "EU-Trans" LLC uses its own gondola cars to transport grain cargo using liners and awnings


    Cooperation has been established with the business contact platform "EU-Ukraine Solidarity Lanes"

    Liner "Z-4", with four loading valves was designed for the transportation of alumina, in order to minimize the possible ingress of moisture into the liner and the human factor during installation/loading/tying, but is also suitable for transporting grain cargo.
    To load into such an insert you need a special loading frame, as in the photo below ( drawing provided by the seller ).


    In other words, it is very difficult for an installer to tie 4 necks incorrectly, this allows you to use such a tab without additional carriage shelter.

    Project to replace bogies from 1520 mm gauge to 1435 mm gauge.

    Transportation of wood chip

    "EU-Trans" LLC uses its own wood chip cars for the transportation of wood chips in route trains, from the stations of the South-Western and Odesa railways to the Dornesti station (Romania) for the EGGER woodworking plant.

    The 30-car train (EU-Trans own cars + involved third-party cars)
    departed from the Teteriv station on March 2 and passed through the Vadul-Syret/Dorneshti junction on March 5.
    The net travel time from the moment of registration to delivery was 3 days.
    Video of dispatch the 1st in 2024
    route train with timber:

    Loading of wood chips in the «EU-Trans» wagons at the Ovruch station:

    Loading of wood chips in the «EU-Trans» wagons at the Cherkasy station:


    We offer a list of scientific and research organizations in the field of railway transport operating in Ukraine.

    "EU-Trans" LLC has experience of cooperation with "IC Resurs" LLC, "UkrSRICC" SE and "SPE "Ukrtransakad" LLC.

    "IC Resurs" LLC (temporarily not working, they do not have their own website)

    Specialization: technical diagnostics to extend the service life of wagons.

    SE "Ukrainian Scientific and Research Institute of Carriage Construction" (abbreviated SE "UkrSRICC")

    Specialization: technical diagnostics to extend the service life of wagons, certification of wagons for compliance with DSTU.

    Branch "Scientific-Research and Design-Technological Institute of Railway Transport" JSC "UZ" (abbreviated Branch "SRDT RT" JSC "UZ")

    Specialization: technical diagnostics to extend the service life of wagons.

    "Scientific and Production Enterprise “Ukrtransakad" LLC (abbreviated "SPE "Ukrtransakad" LLC)

    Specialization: technical diagnostics to extend the service life of wagons.

    As part of the scientific work, EU-Trans LLC carries out the following activities:

    I. Certification of our own rolling stock for compliance with the requirements of GOST 26686:2006 on the basis of the State Enterprise "UkrSRICC".

    II. Modernization of rolling stock at the enterprises: LLC "ZCRP "Express", JSC "Dneprovagonremstroy", LLC "PCRC" and LLC " KFCBP " - based on the acquired technical specifications (TS).

    III. Extending the service life of own cars on the basis of official technical solutions (TR) from IC Resurs LLC, State Enterprise «UkrSRICC» and "SPE "Ukrtransakad" LLC, agreed with the «Department of Carriage Facilities» of UZ JSC (CV).

    Certification of our own rolling stock

    To comply with the requirements of the Technical Safety Regulations railway rolling stock
    EU-Trans LLC has completed certification of its own rolling stock
    in accordance with the requirements of DSTU GOST 26686:2006.

    Laws and resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine:

        1. Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 1194 of December 30, 2015.
    2. Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs   No. 767    from   October 24, 2019
    3. List of certification authorities 

    Modernization of rolling stock

    As part of the program of an innovative approach to modernizing its own fleet,
    Based on the new adapted specifications, EU-Trans continues pilot modernization timber platforms into fitting platforms.
    Over the entire period, 60 platforms have been modernized
    1. At the LLC “Zhmerinsky Car Repair Plant “Express”:
    (53 platforms have been modernized, 19 of them in 2023)


    Samples of modernized platforms

    2. At the JSC «Dneprovagonremstroy» and LLC «Private Car Repair Company» (PCRC):

    3. At «Kharkov Freight Car Building Plant» LLC (KFCBP):

    Changes have been made to the frame design


    European Union Agency for Railways (ERA) – an EU agency aimed at providing technical assistance to EU member states and the European Commission in the field of railway safety and functional interaction of railway networks to promote the creation of a European railway area without borders.

    OSJD (Organization for Cooperation between Railways) - is an international organization created at a ministerial meeting on June 28, 1956 in Sofia (Bulgaria) by ministers in charge of railway transport. The basis for the existence and work of the OSJD is the OSJD Statutes , which have the character of an international treaty.
    OSJD members are transport ministries and central government bodies in charge of railway transport in 29 countries (including Ukraine).


    As part of the unification of Ukrainian railways to EU standards "EU-Trans" LLC turned to JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia" with a proposal:

    “start the processes of unifying the registration and accounting of wagons taking into account the system in force in the EU countries, namely, assigning a unique 12-digit number to freight wagons (today in Ukraine it is an 8-digit number) and unifying the technical operational requirements for freight wagons that exist on European railways.”

    Appeal     Answer


    1) OpenRailwayMap - WORLD RAILWAYS MAP:


    TSI – General requirements

    Within the framework of pro-European orientation and integration
    EU-Trans LLC is exploring the requirements that exist in the EU for railway cars (TSI).
    You can read the English-language original of these requirements below on our website.



     📅 April 1, 2024

      In the 1st quarter of 2024, EU-Trans repaired 63 of its own wagons (16% of the fleet) in scheduled (depot and capital) repairs, moreover, 25 of them (40%) were completely replaced with new wheelsets.

    Despite the difficult situation in the country, "EU-Trans" LLC not only continues to work, but also allocates significant funds for the maintenance and repair of its own wagons.
    In particular, at the production facilities of our permanent contractors (both private plants and Ukrzaliznytsia depots): 3 grain hoppers, 32 wood chip cars, 6 semi-wagons and 22 fitting platforms were repaired.

     📅 March 8, 2024

     Happy holiday of spring, beauty, tenderness and harmony!

     May everything we hope for come true…

     📅 March 6, 2024

      On March 2, the 1st scheduled train in 2024 departed from Teteriv station, bound for Dorneshti station.

    A train of 30 wagons (owned by EU-Trans + third-party wagons involved) was handed over to the Vadul-Syret/Dorneshti junction on March 5. The net travel time from the moment of registration to handing over was 3 days.

    Photos of the loading of wood chips into the "EU-Trans" WOOD CHIP WAGON along the Cherkasy station

    Latest photos of the loading of wood chips into the "EU-Trans" WOOD-CHIP CARRIER along the Ovruch station

    According to the results of the All-Ukrainian Industry Analytical Center, "EU-Trans" LLC was included in the top reliable and investment-attractive enterprises of Ukraine for the year 2023

    Top 7 in the Regional Register of Companies
    Top 11 in the National Register of Companies

    Results of UZ meeting on the development of intermodal transportation

    Author: Rail.insider / Intermodal transportation, UZ

    Congratulations on the upcoming holidays!

    On behalf of the entire EU-Trans team, we congratulate our valued business partners on the holidays and wish them all the best!
    Thank you for your continued cooperation and support!
    We also look forward to continuing a successful and fruitful relationship in the coming year.

    Congratulations on the 25th anniversary of the company "EU-Trans"

    Dear employees, dear colleagues, respected partners and clients of our company, I congratulate everyone on the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the company and sincerely thank everyone who was with us during this period.
    Over the entire time of our existence, we have come a long way from a small freight forwarder to the owner of almost 400 wagons. We were the forwarder of the first container trains from China to Ukraine and back. Our platforms and wood-chip carriers run in container trains and route trains with wood chips to Europe. We survived the difficult wartime and continue to develop. We have experience of cooperation with well-known Ukrainian and European companies.
    I wish all of us more successful and productive days. May luck and success accompany us, let enthusiasm and strength not leave us. I wish our company continued prosperity, and each of you - health, happiness, love, family wealth and, of course, effective work.

    Evgeny Balashov,
    Director of "EU-Trans" LLC

    Happy Armed Forces of Ukraine Day!

    The whole world knows about your heroism and exploits. You are the Strength, Strength and Invincibility of the entire country. Every Ukrainian goes to bed and wakes up thinking about you.

    The whole country feels incredible Pride when the blue-yellow flag flies over the liberated territories again. And great peace and hope when we hear such welcome words: "These are ours coming."

    It is a great honor to speak with you. It is a great honor to shake hands with you. It is a great honor to say to you: Thank you!

    You are our Warriors of Victory. We will never forget at what cost you bring this day closer, centimeter by centimeter freeing our land.

    Glory to the ZSU.
    May God protect you.
    And eternal memory to every Hero.

    The schedule of online meetings of Ukrainian and foreign railway workers in December has been published

    Author: Rail.insider / Freight transportation, railway worker, meeting, carrier

    The order of the Ministry of Reconstruction on simplifying the transportation of goods by rail has entered into force

    Author: Rail.insider / Freight transportation, Ministry of Reconstruction, order
    A telegram from the CM is also attached

    "EU-Trans" LLC took part in the European Silk Road Summit 2023

    The program of the summit

    Presentations from summit speakers

    Indexation of the railway tariff to the level of ICV is a dangerous idea


    "EU-Trans" restored the car after the derailment in Moldova

    The car derailed in Moldova on Augast 08, 2023 due to the unsatisfactory condition of the track. It was repaired at the Basarabyaska workshop, and today it returned to Ukraine and is on its way to the next load...

    "Dniprovagonmash" shipped the first MultiBOX wagons for operation in the EU

    UZ abolished the requirement for the redirection of wagons to provide written consent from the owners

    Author: Rail.insider 

    The adjustment of the order of the Ministry of Reconstruction on simplifying freight transportation continues

    Author: Rail.insider 

    Happy Independence Day of Ukraine to all our partners, customers and website visitors!

    We are proud of our colleague who is currently serving in the Armed Forces and, together with other defenders, defends the independence of his native country. We wish everyone who defends Ukraine on the front lines to return alive to their families as soon as possible. We are waiting, supporting and loving you!

    EU-Trans is the initiator of a new bill!

    EU-Trans is the initiator of a new bill to provide benefits to the owners of railway cars lost as a result of a full-scale Russian invasion. Privileges for customs clearance of imports of modern rolling stock and components for it will help compensate for the damage received and will contribute to the entry into the European rail transport market of its own rolling stock.

    The Transport Logistic exhibition took place in Munich on 07.05.

    Transport logistic - Logistics exhibition which took place in Munich in May this year. EU-Trans took a direct part in the exhibition. A total of 2,320 exhibitors from 67 countries participated in the exhibition. Within the framework of the exhibition, meetings were held with colleagues and exhibitors. The rail industry continues to grow and develop. New models of hybrid fitting platforms were also presented at the exhibition.

    Photo album - Munich 2023 Transport Logistic

    New grain loading scheme

    The video shows a modernized fitting flat-car with a platform. Exclusive scheme of loading at the elevator, without the transfer of grain to the transshipment terminals.


    "EU-Trans" LLC carried out the redeployment of wagons of partners from Ukraine to Kazakhstan through the territory of Poland.

    "EU-Trans" continued work on modernization of its own rolling stock.

    At the Zhmerinsky car-repair plant, 6 fitting platforms were produced, modernized from timber wagons.

    "EU-Trans" continues the modernization of the rolling stock.

    The photo shows an updated semi-car after repair at the Zhmerynsky Carriage Repair Plant.

    Railway Cars are returning from the de-occupied territories!

    In the photo - the first returned railway car of the EU-Trans own car fleet.
    Armed Forces of Ukraine!
    Glory to Ukraine!

    Modernization of the rolling stock "EU-Trans"

    Painting process (video)…

    "EU-Trans" continues the modernization of rolling stock

    Containers are transported on the updated fitting flat-cars.

    "EU-Trans" congratulates women on the holiday!

    "EU-Trans" congratulates women on March 8, on this special day we wish peace, happiness, health and speedy victory!

    EU-Trans continues transportation of grain in gondola cars

    "EU-Trans" continues to work on the modernization of own rolling stock

    Refurbished gondola cars transport various types of grain crops




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    st. Mytropolyta V. Lypkivsʹkogo, 45, office 808 

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