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Member of the American Chamber of Commerce
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"EU-Trans" Company was registered in 1998.

For more than 20 years, the company provides services for the organization of rail transport, the provision of its own and leased rolling stock, services for the organization of marine and ferry shipments.

We have partnerships with Ukrzaliznitsa-company (UZ), is an active user of the infrastructure of UZ, repair depots, the Center for Transport Logistics, the Unified Clearing Center for Transportation and branches of UZ.


Perspective Rolling Stock Upgrade Projects

Our company has adopted a program for the implementation of special platforms, its own design for the transport of timber cargo.

The features of this type of platform include:

1. The presence of end walls, ensuring reliable fixation of cargo under longitudinal loads.

2. Increased height side racks, allowing to transport goods without the use of chains, which eliminates the involvement of people to perform hazardous operations for securing cargo at unloading stations.

3. The design features allow speeding up the unloading process, up to one lifting operation for the entire car, to increase the car load to the carrying capacity, which is practically unrealizable with other types of cars.

4. The use of forest platforms will free such a scarce fleet of gondola cars for their intended use.


"EU-Trans" owned rolling stock are 248 carriages:

Gondola cars - 125

Fitting platforms - 36

Hoppers - 15

Forest platforms - 34

Gondola cars – chip carriers - 38



  • "EU-Trans" supplements its rolling stock.
  • The event dedicated to the presidential elections in Ukraine.
  • "EU-Trans" took part in the Forum B2B.
  • "EU-Trans" - Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine.


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Railway logistics

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Company-owned carriages

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Perspective projects

Rolling stock modernization. Special platforms of own design for transportation of timber cargo.

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